Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari

mangal bhavan amangal hari is a great Shree Ram bhajan and occurs in Ramayana. You will find lyrics along with its meaning here.

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Lyrics of mangal bhavan amangal hari:

मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी
द्रवहु सुदसरथ अचर बिहारी
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम - २
The very name "Ram" - the great son of Dasarath - makes everything auspicious.
हो, होइहै वही जो राम रचि राखा
को करे तरफ़ बढ़ाए साखा
Only that will happen, which is pre-determined by lord Ram. No one can defy this principle.
हो, धीरज धरम मित्र अरु नारी
आपद काल परखिये चारी
The true characters of patience, religion, frendship, and women come out during the testing times.
हो, जेहिके जेहि पर सत्य सनेहू
सो तेहि मिलय न कछु सन्देहू
Truth is self-revealing. Nothing can conceal Truth.
हो, जाकी रही भावना जैसी
रघु मूरति देखी तिन तैसी
Your Gods are the reflections of your thought process.
रघुकुल रीत सदा चली आई
प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम
The legacy of 'Raghukul' is that words must be kept even at the cost of life.
हो, हरि अनन्त हरि कथा अनन्ता
कहहि सुनहि बहुविधि सब संता
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम
The lord is infinite and so do his tales, let us propagate the lords life-story.

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  1. we are filled with divinity of god.

    1. Indeed, we are. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Hanuman

  2. nice but meanings not properly given