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Bajrang Baan mp3 and lyrics

The Bajrang Baan is a powerful prayer to Lord Hanuman. This prayer is so miraculous that it shows its effect as soon as it is recited.

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Singer: Gulshan Kumar
Length: 04:55
Size: 12.1 MB

Bajrang Baan Lyrics with meaning in English:

Nishchay Prem Pratiti Te, Vinay Karei Sanmaan.
Tehi Ke Kaaraj Sakal Shubh, Siddh Karei Hanuman.

Those who admire and worship Lord Hanuman with persistent faith, love and polite humbleness, are blessed with success in all their effort and activities, by the grace of Lord Hanuman.

Jai Hanumant Santa Hitakaari, Suna Liijay Prabhu Araja Hamari.
Jana kay kaaja vilambana keejay, Aatura dawrii maha Sukha deejay.

O Hanumana, the kindhearted patron of all saints! Please listen to my petition. Do no delays in responding to your adherent’s call and come rushing to bless them with felicity and joy.

Jaisay kooda sindhu mahi paara, Sursa badana paithii Vistaara.
Aagay jaiyii Lankinii Rokaa, Maarayhu laata gaii sura Loka.

Show such haste in removing sorrow of your devotees, just as you leapt across the ocean leaving the earth behind and crept into Surasas mouth assuming the form twice as large as that of the Mother of Serpents, all for the sake of Rama. As you proceeded further into Lanka, Lankini tried to stop you on the way, but you kicked her and dispatched her to the abode of the gods.

Jaayay Vibhishan ko sukha deenha, Sita Nirakhi paramapada Leenhaa .
Baag ujaari Sindhu Maha Borah, Ati Aatura Jama Kaatara Tora.

You met Vibhishana and brought him enormous joy, and by finding mother Sita, you attained to the supreme position. You shattered the beautiful garden of Ashoka and drowned it into the sea. You saved the world from its looming doom (when the gods comforted you in Patala where you were lying in a precarious state). Thus, you rescued the humanity and earned yourself the blessing of immortality by neutralizing the design of Yama who subdues every being.

Akshaya Kumara mara sanhaara, Loama lapaita anka-ko Jaarah.
Laaha samaan lanka jaari-gai, Jai Jai Dhwani surpur naba Bhai.

You overthrew and slaughtered Akshay Kumara, the son of demon Ravana. With your tail swathed with rags soaked in oil and set on fire, you reduced Lanka to ashes. Lanka burnt like shellac. Entire environment of Heaven, the abode of gods, was reverberating with cries of triumph: "Victory! Victory!”

Aba vilambha kayhi Kaaran Swami, Kripaa Karahhu ura Antaryamii
Jai Jai Lakshmana Praana kay daataa, Aatura hai dukha Karhu Nipaataa.

Then, why are you delaying on my request (petition), my Lord? O regulator of my innermost being! Be gracious on me. Glory and Victory to you, O Lord Hanumana, who restored Lakshmana back to life! Arrive promptly and swiftly and wipe out my sorrow. Victory, victory to you, O Giridhara (He lifted up a mountain and flew with all its foliage to Lanka, where Lakshmana lay fatally wounded)

Jai Jai Hanumanta Jayati bala saagar, Sura Samooha samratha Bhata Naagar.
Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta Hateelay, Bhairayhhi Maaru Bajrah-Ki Keelay.

Victory, victory to you, O ocean of bliss! You are a synergy of bravery and competence, you are a great warrior and wise. I venerate the unwavering Son of the Wind, Hanuman, with the chant of "Om hanu hanu hanu". May you destroy my adversaries with thunderbolt and mace, your adamantine weapon, which, when hurled, lets no adversary escape.

Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumana Kapisha, Om Hun Hun Hun Hanu Arii Ura Sheesha.
Jai Anjani Kumara Balawanta, Shankara Suwana Beera Hanumanta.

O monkey-king Hanuman! Cry hrim hrim hrim, the mystic syllables and shouting aloud "Om hun, hun, hun" slash the heads and bosoms of my enemies (or problems). Glory to you, O brave son of Anjani and Shankara!

Badana Karaala kaala kula ghaalaka, Rama sahay sada prati Paalak.
Bhoota preta pisaacha nishachar, aagni vaitaala kaala maari mara.

You are the terrifying exterminator even of Death and his descendants, helper of Rama and an ever-ready guardian of all. As soon as one sets one's mind on You or chantsYour name; ghosts and ghouls spirits, fiends, wanderers of the night, fire goblins, fatality and epidemics, all disappear in an instant (Being so unmatched in might).

Inhain maaro tohe shapaha rama kii, raakhu natha maryaadaa naama ki.
Satya hohu hari shapatha paaya ke, Raama doota dharu maaru Jaiikay.

In the name of Rama do I press you to kill them, the demons and all their hordes, and, O Lord, let not the reputation of the name of Rama be reconciled to anything undignified. Rama's messenger! Having been guaranteed by Lord Hari that you are immortal and Real-Truth itself-you dash at once and catching hold of my enemies, kill them (without fear).

Jai jai jai Hanumanta agadha, dukha paavat jana kehi aparadha.
Pujaa japa tapa nema achaaraa, nahin jaanata haun daasa tumhaaraa.

Glory, glory, all glory to you, O mystical Hanuman! For which offence are your humble devotees sorrowful? Your humble servant doesn’t have enough knowledge to carry out worship and do penance, chant Your name, observe the rules of purity and behavior.

Vana upavana maga giri graha maahiin, tumhare bala hama darapata naahin.
Janaka suta hari daasa kahaavo, taaki shapatha vilamba na laavo.

Strengthened (and protected) by You, I dread neither at home nor while passing through thick forests and parklands and mountains. You are a known devotee of Janaka's daughter, Sita and Lord Hari; I entreat you in the names of both Sita and Hari not to prevaricate and delay in coming.

Jai jai jai dhuni hota akaashaa, sumirata hota dusaha dukha naashaa.
Charana pakar kara jori manaavaun, yahi avasara aba kehi goharaavauni.

The heavens reverberate with the sound of "Glory, glory, all glory (to Hanuman)" The very remembrance of yours destroys even insufferable miseries. I prostrate myself at your feet and with cupped palms invoke your grace; whom else should I call for help in these desperate straits.

Utha Utha Chala Tohi Raama Duhaai, paanya Paraun Kara Jori Manaaii.
Om Chan Chan Chan Chapala Chalantaa, om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumantaa.
om Han Han Haanka Deta Kapi Chanchala, om San San Sahami Khaldala.

You are under oath to Rama to hasten and protect all in distress. I prostrate myself again before you and with folded hands entreat you to arise and rush in (to kill my enemies). Chanting the sacred "Om chan chan chan chan", come and deliver me, O entrepid courser! And shouting "Om hanu hanu hanu hanu" slaughter my foes, O Hanuman! When the playful and noble-footedMonkey-king shouts aloud "Om han han" the demon host is soterrified that it flees crying "Om san san".

Apnaay jaana ko turata ubaaro, Sumirata hoya ananda hamaaroh
Yaha Bajaranga Baan Jehi Maare, tehi Kaho Phira Kauna Ubaare.

Immediately lift your devotees from the ocean of sorrows, so that our days of happiness are back. Tell me, who can protect the person who is pierced with Bajaranga's arrow?

Paatha Kare Bajaranga Baan Ki, Hanumanta Rakshaa Kare Praana Kii.
Yaha Bajarang Baan Jo Jaapai, taahe Te Bhuuta Preta Saba Kaanphe.
dhuupa Deii Aru Japai Hameshaa, taake Tana Nahiin Rahai Kaleshaa.

He, who chants Bajrang Baan, is well protected by Hanuman. He who repeats this hymn is feared by spirits and ghouls and all those who chant it regularly with oblations of incense is relieved of all physical infirmities.

Prema priiti dhari kapi bhaje, sadaa dharai ura dhyaana.
Tehi ke kaaraja sakala shubha, siddha karai hanumaana.

He, who meditates on the Monkey-King with faith and devotion and with his image in his heart, finds all his noble efforts crowned with success by the grace of Hanuman.

Siya var Ramachandra ki jai,
Uma Pati Mahadeo ki jai
Pawana suuta Hanuman ki jai

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